Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning | Leesburg, VA

Yestimate buttonour customers may spend time in your office, and if they do, they are sure to pick up on unsightly spills and stains in your carpets. We know that spills and stains are going to happen, but they can be cleaned up by Cardinal Chem-Dry. Let us take care of ugly traffic lanes through your offices and entryways. It's important to respect your visitors and customers by providing them with a clean and fresh building. Cardinal Chem-Dry offers superior commercial cleaning solutions in Leesburg VA. Call today! Be sure to fix those with Chem-Dry before they could make or break your business!

We the time to clean your carpets, but you won't have to wait around for the carpets or upholstery to dry because we use a lot less water which means quicker dry times. Because taking time out of your day is not realistic and your customers don't want to wait either.

          Call us today for the area's most superior carpet cleaning service at (703)368-5658 or (703)777-1271.